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I am so glad you have found your way here! Seeking help at a time when you feel vulnerable is difficult, but I believe you can overcome the struggles of this phase of your journey. Our work together can provide the balance of support and challenge you need to get over this hurdle and take on the next one.



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Many of us wrestle with worry and stress about what is happening in our daily life. You may have recently noticed your anxiety has started:

  • Interfering with daily life

  • Keeping you keyed up, even in down time

  • Making you feel frustrated or helpless with the cyclical nature of your thoughts

  • Causing irritability with ones you love

  • Keeping your mind going all of the time

We will work together to find practical solutions and meaningful change to help you have greater peace in the midst of the demands of life.



If only it were as simple as everyone led you to believe it would be to get pregnant. You have probably heard dozens of "tips" and well-meaning pieces of advice as you share even a snippet of your struggle to conceive. Constant doctor’s appointments, medications, invasive procedures, etc. can be a stress you did not bank on in what you had hoped would be a joyful chapter in your journey. Often couples are also strongly effected, as typically neither partner is at exactly the same spot with their thoughts about interventions or pregnancy loss.

Our work can be a source of nonjudgmental, open support as your wrestle with the various challenges that come with working to build a family. 


Spiritual Life

Spirituality is at the core of who we are. Many folks want a psychologist who respects their spiritual life and religious culture.

I have high regard for diverse religious traditions. My personal experience and academic training is rooted in Christianity.

Whether you are looking for someone safe and non-judgmental to affirm your spiritual life and religious community, you are a person who has been wounded by a religious community, is exploring significant questions in your spiritual identity, or you are someone who is not sure what role spirituality plays for you in your life, our work can be a place for you to safely examine this aspect of your life.

For a quick peak into a great conversation about integration of faith and practice, visit this podcast I recorded with Rev. Stanford Adams of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd.


Sometimes the burdens we carry become so weighty it is hard to see a way forward. Are you starting to notice:

  • Difficulty moving through your day, like you are walking through mud

  • Discouraged or pessimistic thoughts dominating your mind

  • Changes in your sleep patterns or appetite (for food or life)

  • Isolation from people you normally enjoy

Together we can find solutions for immediate relief while building insights that will help you navigate to a more hopeful way of being.         


new parenthood

Nothing can prepare you for the joy (and utter terror!) that accompanies bringing a newborn home. Or the constant second-guessing that comes with parenting in the first few years. Particularly new moms may experience unexpected shifts in mood or a peak in anxiety as they experience a combination of rapidly shifting hormones, sleep deprivation, and adjustment to parenthood. For many people, parenthood can challenge our sense of our own competence, trigger memories from childhood that are painful and need attention, or can simply be overwhelming. And for most parents, what parenthood was expected to be like is nothing like it is in real life.

Together we can take an honest look at your challenge as a parent and support you in a new way forward.



For many reasons, getting to an office in one location can be difficult or disruptive especially when life gets stressful. Perhaps you have physical limitations that make getting to appointments difficult. Or perhaps you would like continuity of care as you travel for work or travel to family on breaks from school or work. My practice recently began to include telehealth services.

If this is of interest to you as a modality of therapy, please contact me by phone to see if this a modality that will work for your needs.

Relational health

Navigating our relationships (with our partner, our family, or even our self) is not always easy. We bring the best (and worst!) of ourselves to each relationship. Whether you are talking about your relationship with:

  • Your partner

  • Your boss or coworkers

  • Friends (existing relationships or making new ones)

  • Your children

Our therapeutic relationship can be a rich place to explore those struggles and identify strategies to create more satisfying relationships.               


Trauma recovery/EMDR

Many of our lives are shaped by particularly salient events that may keeping us stuck in a place we don't like or may be affecting our relationships or other aspects of our lives, like our sense of safety or ability to connect with others.

I have worked extensively with trauma survivors, particularly those who have experienced interpersonal violence and sexual assault, both as a therapist and an advocate through the many experiences connected to legal proceedings. Our work can help you put your experiences in their proper place in your life.

Recently trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), our work may take this particular approach to helping you get unhooked from trauma in your past that is impacting your present.



I came in not knowing what to expect and left with a totally new perspective.
— Former Client