I have been a helper all of my life. If you look back at the various "what do you want to be when you grow up" papers I wrote as a young child, all of them included the role of a helper and a healer.

My doctoral program at Wheaton College specifically focused on helping integrate spiritual identities with other important aspects of self, including how my own identities intersected. My graduate education taught how to help others wrestle with conflicting parts of themselves.  None of these conflicts have easy answers but my aim is to help you find personal anchors in the storm. 

For over a decade of post-licensure work, I have been honored to be present with clients at some of the most painful times, humbled to bear witness to their moments of heartache and grief, and have shared in their great joy.   

I am on your team. I am here to listen and provide a safe space for you to explore private and sometimes scary places in your story. Because I care, I am here to offer you honest feedback about what comes from the exploration and challenge you to let those insights propel you forward.