Privacy Policy

Effective Date:  07/23/18

The privacy of your information and the confidentiality of our work is central to our relationship with one another, which is why I take the time here to outline how your information is used and collected through this website.  

1. Personal Information:  Any personal information requested on this site will be obtained when you are a returning client scheduling an appointment. You will notice when you click on those links, it takes you to the secure electronic records site used for my practice. This website does not store or use your personal information, such as name and contact information.  

2. Website Data Analytics:  This website is hosted by Squarespace and they collect basic data, like number of visits to the site and how you interact with it most, to help me best understand how to meet the needs of visitors to the site. Again, personal information, like your contact information, is not collected by Squarespace for use. The privacy policy articulated by Squarespace says this specifically about what they gather and how they use your information. "If you are an End User of our Users’ sites, we also get information about your interactions with their sites, though we use this in anonymous, aggregated or pseudonymized form which does not focus on you individually. We use this data to evaluate, provide, protect or improve our Services (including by developing new products and services)."  You can learn more about Squarespace's use of Cookies in their Cookie policy

3. How your information is retained:  Personal information, as stated above, is only gathered through the electronic records system. Records on that system are retained for 7 years, per Texas law. For more information retention of records, please refer to the information provided to you at the time of your first session. If you would like an additional copy, please contact me via secure messaging or when we meet in person.  

4. Updates to this policy:  Updates to this policy will occur from time to time as needed for changes in technology, law, or business operations. Effective date will be posted at the beginning of this policy. You are encouraged to ask whatever questions you might have and review this policy as needed.